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Movie Review: Super Troopers (2001)

After missing out on a viewing of Beerfest my friends had, I figured I might as well make up for it by watching that other (better) Broken Lizard movie, Super Troopers. As usual, it was a good choice. The story follows the plight of stupid but lovable highway patrolmen whose branch is in danger of being shut down. They spend most of their time pranking guilty drivers as well as each other, while half-heartedly trying to solve a murder/drug conspiracy. They’re in competition with the jerkface local cops, poised to take over the highway when our heroes get fired. However, the put-down lady local cop Ursula (Marisa Coughlin, in the only substantial female role) is sick of her sexist coworkers and may be willing to help the troopers keep their jobs with her insider knowledge. Also she might form a pretty adorable relationship with my favorite one, Foster (Paul Soter). Maybe. No spoilers or anything. Really, the plot here doesn’t mean much so it’s not important to go into it any more.

Now here is a movie that is just funny. It doesn’t try to be especially smart or pc or innovative, but it succeeds in being vastly entertaining, quotable, and chock full of likeable dudes. Most of the film is an excuse for the comedy troupe to make with the shenanigans and male bonding, which is cool as I wouldn’t expect much more. There’s a nice (though somewhat out of left field) cameo by Linda Carter, sex-crazed Germans, a syrup-drinking competition, moustaches, and one thing everyone likes to see: asshole teenagers getting their comeuppance. It’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half, especially with a group of friends. I’ll admit I thought it looked stupid when I first saw the trailer, but honestly it’s very funny and surprisingly clever at parts.


Movie Review: Burn After Reading (2008)

After making a conscious effort recently to catch up on the Coen brothers movies I’d missed (Raising Arizona, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and Barton Fink; I still need Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and Miller’s Crossing), I was of course pretty psyched for their latest: Burn After Reading. As much as I liked No Country for Old Men, I like it best when they’re doing comedy-thrillers with body counts. This had all of those things, and did a pretty good job combining everything. Hardbodies Gym employee Linda Litzke, desperate for cosmetic surgery funds, teams up with her coworker Chad and uses a personal disc found on the gym floor to blackmail former CIA agent Osborne Cox. There are various complications, misunderstandings, shouting matches, and acts of adultery. The plot is convoluted, but quite aware of this fact, as evidenced by the CIA’s confused recaps of everyone’s doings. My main concern is that there are too many characters. It’s not that there are wasted characters or anything, but I felt like I didn’t fully get to know most of the people who were there. Less characters would have meant more development for the ones left. However, this detail doesn’t take away much from the jokes and good times and guns and poorly-thought-out schemes.

Basically, between Brad Pitt dancing like no one’s watching, John Malkovich marching around in a bathrobe with a hatchet, George Clooney building secret devices, Frances McDormand plotting against America, and Tilda Swinton’s hair style, this movie has pretty much all the things a person needs. Remember that it’s a Coen brothers movie so people will die, and you’ll be ok! Definitely check it out for some hilarious and exciting times!