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Movie Review: Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

Tracing the short-lived career of folk-rock singer Rodriguez and its strange aftermath, the film follows the impact of his music on the people of South Africa during Apartheid. Though virtually unknown in his United States home, there Rodriguez is more revered than Elvis Presley and his politically-charged songs are considered integral to the development of revolutionary opposition in the 70s and 80s. Long thought dead by a dramatic on-stage suicide, he is discovered alive and working in construction in Detroit decades after his only two records had been released, thanks to the efforts of diehard South African fans in the music business.

Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Based on true events (although some of their information seems questionable), Zero Dark Thirty traces the search for Osama bin Laden after the tragic events of September, 11, 2001. Beginning in 2003 a young CIA agent named Maya (Jessica Chastain) joins the team in Pakistan, and over the years she becomes obsessed with finding a man known as “Abu Ahmed”, believed to be bin Laden’s personal courier and therefore the key to finding the al-Qaeda leader himself. She tracks down various leads and participates (though somewhat reluctantly) in interrogations involving torture. Her search culminates in a raid on a fortified mansion believed to be bin Laden’s residence.