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Movie Review: The General (1926)

The Somerville Theatre has been doing a series of silent films on the big screen with original musical accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis, and I think that is just a super swell idea. I’d heard Jeff’s fantastic keyboarding at the Sci-Fi Marathon a few years ago, and have since wanted to see more silents with live music. When The General popped up on their schedule, I knew that was my priority. Set in the early days of the Civil War, the film stars Buster Keaton as Southern train engineer Johnnie Gray.

Movie Review: The Wolverine (2013)

So I find myself constantly waffling in my resolve to stop caring about X-Men movies. It. Is So. Hard. So here I am, reeled back in by the promise of badass Japanese ladies and a script that won’t make me want to bash someone’s head in, watching the sequel to the horrific X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Which turns out to be a sequel to the also horrific X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Yet somehow, even with all the bad taste left in my mouth from its predecessors, I found myself basically enjoying The Wolverine.

Movie Review: Duel (1971)

A condescending businessman named David Mann (Dennis Weaver) sets off on the road for a very important meeting with a client, hoping to close a big deal or something I don’t know. On the lonely desert highway he finds himself running up against a dirty, obstinate trucker, who seems hellbent on making him late. As their drive progresses it becomes clear that the trucker wants to kill David, and their inconvenient cat-and-mouse game becomes a fight for survival.

Movie Review: Red 2 (2013)

Following the previous investigation of old-guy former CIA operatives, Red 2 sees the adventures continuing for Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), his girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), and his best friend Marvin (John Malkovich). The three find themselves at the center of a conspiracy involving a decades-old nuclear device hidden somewhere in Moscow.