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Movie Review: Museum Hours (2013)

When Anne (Mary Margaret O’Hara) finds herself stranded in snowy Vienna for an unknowable amount of time while visiting a comatose cousin, she drifts toward one of the city’s art museums, the Kunsthistorisches Museum. She befriends an aging guard, Johann (Bobby Sommer), who helps translate the hospital’s calls for her, and they quickly become friends out of mutual loneliness. He shows her around Vienna, and they share intimate stories about their experiences and relationships. They spend a lot of time at the museum, and Johann narrates his observations as a guard.

Movie Review: Re-Animator (1985)

Some of you may recall that I wrote a little about Re-Animator for both the Coolidge Horror Thon in 2010 and the Boston Sci-Fi Marathon in 2012, and if you follow me on twitter you probably know that I talk about it all the fucking time, because I am… OBSESSED. And yet for one reason or another I’ve never actually written a full review of it. The other day I busted out the boo-ti-ful blu-ray and everything was so pretty and filled with gooey innards that I decided now is the time.

The 2013 Boston Science-Fiction Marathon, Part II

Alright, back from dinner, everybody’s feeling ok, I’m still on a bit of a musical high from The Ghastly Love of Johnny X but I am definitely (always) ready to settle in for more science fiction goodness. One of the coolest things about this year’s Thon is that we were treated to an episode of The Twilight Zone, wholly appropriate since one of the films being shown was written by TZ stalwart Richard Matheson. It was the episode “Time Enough At Last”, which I have often seen referenced and parodied but had never actually watched, so it was great to see the original version. Poor Henry Bemis! He just wants to READ!

Movie Review: Wo hu cang long (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) (2000)

Set in Qing Dynasty China, the film follows warriors Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) and Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-fat) as they search for a powerful sword stolen from a Peking businessman. The sword belonged to Li Mu Bai and holds sordid memories for him, but when he meets the mysterious fighter who took it- fierce teenage noblewoman Jen Yu (Zhang Ziyi), chafing against her family and societal obligations- he realizes he may have found a student worthy of its mastery. But her hot-headed bid for independence as well as the appearance of the outlaw who killed Li Mu Bai’s mentor make for some complications.

Movie Review: Harold and Maude (1971)

Listless, friendless, super-rich, and generally unsatisfied with life, twenty-something Harold (Bud Cort) spends much of his time staging elaborate fake suicides in an attempt to get an emotional response out of his snooty mother (Vivian Pickles). She decides it’s time for him to get married and sets him up with college girls through a computer dating service, while he sneaks off to attend funerals, where he meets 79-year-old firecracker Maude (Ruth Gordon). Over the next few days the unlikely pair strikes up a friendship and eventually a romance, with Maude bringing Harold out of his morbid shell, sharing with him the many wonders of her long life.