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Movie Review: Hoshi o ou kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices) (2011)

I realize I’ve never actually reviewed any of his films on here, but know that I really love and respect the films of Makoto Shinkai. He’s a terrific animator and visionary artist, and I like how his works are all kind of sad and tinged with longing. It gets to me. His latest feature, Children Who Chase Lost Voices (aka Journey to Agartha) is a bit of a change for him in that it is mostly high fantasy, and works much more in the Miyazaki vein than his other films, but it still retains some of his signature as a storyteller and artist. The plot revolves around Asuna, a hardworking preteen loner who briefly befriends a mysterious stranger. She discovers he is from a mythical land known as Agartha, a kind of underworld where all the old gods fled after people stopped believing in them, along with some human groups who followed them.

Movie Review: Damsels in Distress (2011)

Last week I took a day trip to New York to visit the MoMA archives, putting the final touches on my MA thesis. I wasn’t feeling great during the dual 4-hour bus rides but did manage to watch Damsels in Distress in parts there and back, which was a delightful choice. My first Whit Stillman movie (Sasha will be proud), it traces the experiences of four lady friends attending college together, all privileged, self-absorbed, and not as smart as they think they are. Violet (Greta Gerwig) longs to help the less fortunate, primarily the unfortunately moronic frat boys at school, and dreams of starting an international dance craze.