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Movie Review: WALL-E (2008)

One of Pixar’s finest, WALL-E looks towards Earth’s bleak future, with humans escaping the environmental destruction and trash build-up by taking a space pleasure cruise, sponsored by globally dominant super-store Buy N Large. The corporation leaves behind a legion of robots programmed to clean up the planet so it will be habitable again, but after centuries have passed only one is still functioning. This “WALL-E” is adorable and idiosyncratic, developing a sweet, romantic personality with hoarder tendencies during his many years alone. When a robot scout called EVE lands near him, he falls in little robot love.

Movie Review: Beautiful Losers (2008)

The 2008 documentary Beautiful Losers tracks the development of a community in the early 1990’s surrounding Aaron Rose (who co-directed) and his Alleged Gallery in New York. For years this space hosted a group of friends whose creative energies range from graffiti and skateboarding to painting and filmmaking, and Rose collects a series of artist interviews- including Fairey and filmmaker Harmony Korine- and archive footage to explore and examine a sub-culture that has since burst into the public eye.