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Movie Review: 20 centímetros (20 Centimeters) (2005)

I found 20 Centimeters on my netflix queue a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure why it was there, but the summary sounded intriguing enough to bump it up. The story follows Marieta (Mónica Cervera) a trans sex worker who is saving up for reassignment surgery and trying to break in to the regular workforce. Unfortunately, her roommate Tomás (Miguel O’Dogherty), whom she supports financially, has made a bad investment with her money, and her friend and neighbor is in trouble with some mob, and her dreamy new boyfriend is obsessed with the huge penis she wants to be rid of. Through it all, her narcolepsy causes her to fall asleep at inopportune times, slipping into intense fantasies where she’s a musical star.

Movie Review: Linda Linda Linda (2005)

I wish I’d been cool enough to have a band in high school. But no, instead I was too busy reading British literature and feeling sorry for myself. Luckily I can live vicariously through the enterprising young women in Linda Linda Linda, a delightful Japanese comedy about a Korean student named Son (Doona Bae) who is unceremoniously dragged into an all-girl rock band. Despite her so-so grasp of the language, she quickly learns the Japanese lyrics to cover songs of 80s punks The Blue Hearts, while getting to know her bandmates Kyoko (the sweet one), Kei (the intimidating one), and Nozomi (the quiet one). Their school is hosting some sort of intercultural fair, which I guess means no one ever has class? But no one ever leaves?