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Social Uniforms in Film: The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Wes Anderson’s films offer the most consistent examples of cinematic social uniforms, aside from those of Hal Hartley (who is a clearly a major influence on Anderson). His characters typically sport one specific outfit, or variations on one, or, at times, literal uniforms related to a job or association. They come to define the characters in some way, and allow the actors to blend into Anderson’s meticulously-crafted visual worlds. My favorite Anderson film has remained The Royal Tenenbaums, and it is rife with social uniform goodness.

Movie Review: CQ (2001)

Seen: On our big screen/projector set-up, streamed from my boyfriend’s hard drive. While editing and eventually taking over directing duty of cheesy science-fiction sexploitation film Dragonfly, Paul (Jeremy Davies) seeks artistic fulfillment by making his own introspective art film in…