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Why I Want to Write About Art

Kusama: Polka Dots MadnessYayoi Kusama: Dots Obsession, 2000. via ARTBoom

I started going to art museums when I was about 17, a little late to the game as most “cultured” pros would attest, but I dove in headfirst and absorbed everything I could since my first interactions with art. I studied art history in both my undergraduate and graduate programs, and I hope to eventually become a curator or gallery director. I feel comfortable in art museums, and challenged, and inspired. But the more I immersed myself in the academic side of art history, the more frustrated I became with how insular that world can be, and how intimidating it still is to many outsiders (and, often, wannabe “insiders” like myself). Art is for everyone, and even if many artists are hard to understand or pretentious in their approach, I do truly believe that anyone can be moved by some work of art.

Magritte: The False MirrorRene Magritte: The False Mirror, 1928. via WikiPaintings

I love writing and talking about art, and sharing what I’ve learned or observed or experienced with others, but I don’t want to do that just for this small, self-serving group of people who read academic journals and densely-written books. Art- and specifically art knowledge- should be accessible to anyone who has an interest in it, and it should be able to reach those who might not even realize they could learn about it. I want to share all the things I love about art, all the passion and weird trivia and shocking backstories and meticulous fabrication and grandiose vision and sexual innuendo and tragic metaphors. And I want to get everyone as excited as I am about these things, so I want to write in a way that is straightforward and intelligible, while still conveying whatever deeper meanings and critical analysis I might feel like throwing in. There might be a few big words in there, and many will be totally made up, since that’s what art historians do.

urs-fischer-untitled2011Urs Fischer: Untitled, 2011. via Urs Fischer

So this is why I want to start writing about art online. I’ve got a lot of cool things I’d like to tell you about, including artists I love, museums and exhibitions I visit, and various areas I’ve researched while I was getting my Master’s degree. I’m interested in so many media and genres, including poster design, installation art, portraiture, comic books and illustration, wacky performance and video, artists outside the typical “canon,” and even regular ole’ canvas painting. Most of it will probably be twentieth-century through present-day, since for me that’s when things get really interesting. Hopefully you’ll find something you like.

Yōshū_Chikanobu_Matsushima_in_Rikuzen_ProvinceChikanobu: Matsushima in Rikuzen Province, 1898. via Wikipedia

I’ll still write about movies, just not quite as often; I’m not going to talk about every movie I see anymore, that became way too taxing. So I’ll just write about movies that I feel like writing about, you know? And most of my old film writing is here, though the formatting is still a bit iffy on older posts.