Art on Film

Movie Review: Vals Im Bashir (Waltz With Bashir) (2008)

Upon the realization that he doesn’t remember most of his time as a soldier during the war, with exception of a recurring vision of the Sabra and Satila massacre in Beirut, Folman embarks on a series of interviews with former comrades in an attempt to fill in the blanks. The film therefore unfolds as a collection of short stories: remembrances conversationally narrated by former Israeli soldiers. One man was stranded in enemy territory after his tank was attacked. Escaping to the shore, he swam for hours until he spotted the other tanks from his unit making their way down the beach.

Movie Review: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is set in the fantastical town of Halloween, where every kind of frightening being resides. They spend most of their days planning the next Halloween celebration until the day arrives, after which they start planning again for next year. Jack Skellington, generally held to be the scariest, most wonderful resident, feels tired of doing the same thing every day and wishes for a way to escape his routine. One Halloween night he walks deep into the woods and discovers a grove of trees with oddly-shaped doors. He opens the one shaped like a Christmas tree and plunges into a new world of snow, smiles, joy, and presents.