Oh, hello, I’m Alex. I’m a multi-tasking twentysomething with a Master’s in art history and a passion for art and film. I aspire to one day be a curator, but for now I work at an art gallery in Boston, hold down various part-time positions, and make my way as an artist in my spare time. This space is meant to collect together my writing and artistic projects. I hope to share my own knowledge and opinions (as cultivated in my academic years) on art as well as personal responses to film, all in a conversational, accessible manner. There will be swear words sometimes, and sarcasm. And silliness, where appropriate.

For years I maintained a film blog called Film Forager, and this is a continuation of that project with added content. (All pre-2014 film reviews on this site were originally published there.) I write about movies I’ve seen, art I love, and issues that interest me like feminism, representation, so-called “low” culture, museum history, and reception. My tastes in film run the gamut from classic technicolor musicals and romantic comedies to cult oddities and experimental animation. My tastes in art tend to linger in the twentieth century up through today, especially performance, video, and installation art, with some favorites being Yayoi Kusama, Rebecca Horn, Joseph Cornell, Cindy Sherman, Pipilotti Rist, Olafur Eliasson, Romaine Brooks, Rene Magritte, and Félix González-Torres. But I’m also a sucker for Northern Baroque painting, medieval manuscript illumination, and Edo-period Japanese prints.

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