Movie Review: DeadHeads (2011)

Seen: On our projector set-up, streamed from netflix instant.

Remember when I went to Toronto After Dark last year and it was super awesome and I loved it? Yeah. Good times… Anyway, DeadHeads is one of the movies I missed but when it got some awards at the festival I figured I should check it out. Luckily it’s made its way to netflix instant, and just in time for my ongoing horror movie binge! This one isn’t particularly scary, but offers an interesting take on the over-done zombie genre. Mike (Michael McKiddy) and Brent (Ross Kidder) are two “inexplicably sentient” zombies who undertake a wacky road trip hoping to find the former’s still-living girlfriend Ellie (Natalie Victoria). Unfortunately their romantic escapade is frequently side-tracked by a bunch of shady zombie-containment workers in hot pursuit.

Whelp I dig road movies and zombie movies so DeadHeads was a pretty easy sell. It’s a pretty fun flick with a decent script and two dynamic lead performances. The humor is a mix of goofy gore and ridiculous, often inappropriate, dialogue while the story combines elements of slacker comedy and wistful romance, all situated within a paranoid zombie apocalypse milieu. While admittedly I wasn’t especially engaged by the narrative or the half-assed “secret government organization/unethical experiments question mark?” stuff, I really liked the idea of a zombie movie from the point of view of the zombies. The other undead characters we meet are typical drooling, hungry-for-brains creatures, but our heroes are just regular dudes who happen to be zombies. Sure, their limbs fall off occasionally, their skin is decomposing, and Brent doesn’t have any reservations about eating human flesh (Mike is more discerning), but at heart they’re good guys! It was funny to have the super badass zombie hunter (played with dirty sexy aplomb by Thomas Galasso) be the bad guy, and to have no fear of death in the middle of a zombie outbreak because the protagonists are already dead!

Though it’s got some great ideas and a strong cast, the meandering script had me losing interest by the end of the film, admittedly. Overall I enjoyed DeadHeads, and am having fun asserting that Warm Bodies is totally just a DeadHeads ripoff every time someone’s brought it up this week.


Pair This Movie With: My favorite morbid-but-romantic road trip movie is Wristcutters: A Love Story, and I think that’d be a nice team-up. Or there is of course Zombieland for another zombie-related road trip, only from the point of view of the zombie killers/survivors.

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