Movie Review: Wir Sind die Nacht (We Are the Night) (2010)

Seen: On dvd on our projector set-up, rented from netflix.

After showing a friend Thirst, my favorite vampire movie, she recommended another off-the-beaten-track foreign vampire film that she caught at an LGBT Film Festival: We Are the Night. A lady vampire trio in Berlin parties it up every night while their leader Louise (Nina Hoss) searches for her one true love to bite. She sets her sights on Lena (Karoline Herfurth), a young thief, and turns her without her consent. With few other options, Lena joins the coven, at first enjoying the freedom of their lifestyle but continuing to struggle with their homicidal tendencies, especially when a cute cop (Max Riemelt) starts to pursue her romantically.

With slick cinematography and a fast pace, We Are the Night is a fun, straightforward tale that doesn’t add much to the sizable vampire canon but does have a kind of interesting female-centric angle. In their mythology, women vampires purposefully eradicated their own male population, creating a happy-go-lucky matriarchy across multiple nations. After Lena is transformed there’s a cool montage of the lady friends just having a swell time: robbing a department store, doing blood shots, dancing at a club, driving fast cars, walking on walls, and making out. There’s definitely something of a straight male fantasy embedded in the film’s premise, but there is also an element of sisterhood as well as positive portrayal of lesbian characters (well, positive for bloodsucking vampires, anyway). Everything looks so sleek and self-assured, with an undercurrent of urban grittiness, that I was enjoying myself on the visuals alone. The strong performances ultimately seal the deal, and while Karoline Herfurth is great in the lead, the exquisitely beautiful Jennifer Ulrich steals the show as a fashionable former silent film star who continues to mourn the loss of her past life.

It’s not groundbreaking or exceptionally original but We Are the Night is a decidedly fun, appropriately dark vampire movie with a couple of strong action sequences and a very cool aesthetic. And attractive ladies!


Pair This Movie With: Another gritty, dark vampire movie like Near Dark would do, or maybe The Hunger for more vampire life-partner stuff.

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